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    Is indian politics two faced? discuss Win

    Hi Members,

    After the biggest devastation that has come in two state Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka due to flood and heavy rains that have pour down.

    Andhra Pradesh is ruled by Congress and Karnataka is ruled by BJP. Both the Government has requested for the Grant in crores.

    Andhra Pradesh has got a some of its share of 1,000 crore bail out, whereas Karnataka has got only 54 crores. Karnataka Chief Minister with is Padyatra has collect about 500+ crores.

    What are your thoughts about the Government? Is the India Politics two faced

    Provide your feedback and let us see who wins the contest
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    Hi Nitin
    You have provided a good knowledge. In such a bad situations, often Congress and BJP do their politics. They donot think a little bit that in their politics people are suffered, badly.

    The prime minister Manmohan Singh said "I am here not to discuss the nuts and bolts. I have assured the Karnataka goverment that the Union government would stand behind it in these times of crisis, Money will not be a constraint to make the good the losses. But there are procedures to determine the extent of funds to be released."

    What would you like to say on this statement?

    It is the duty of government to treat every state eually in adverse situations, whether it is ruled by any government.

    It is the very bad situations in both the states. We all are with the people of these states. Also we should come fordward and donate some money in favour of these people.

    I am from the flood-prone areas of Bihar. So I know the difficulties and problems faced by the flood-affected people.

    I requested the Central Government to release the funds according to the losses.

    With regards!

    Gautam kumar jha
    Active Member,

    Quote for life: "Everything Happens for the Good."

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    Hello Nitin,
    First of all I would like to say thanks to you for providing such a nice topic to discuss in this forum section.
    Now coming to topic. I think Indian politics is passing through its most bad time and it is critical time. No doubt the politics face is changing sharply due to entrance of youth in politics and administration system but still there are many faces/parts where improvement is immediately required and the best example is Party Politics which is very shameful for our system. Specially when our swuem is considered among the leader democratic systems.
    Party politics is a major issue. We are discussing this issue in regarding with BJP and Congress but this is not a problem with these two parties only. It is a common problem with each and every party. This is due to mentality of our politicians. Almost all politicians in our system are uneducated and thus cann't think about the nation. The fact presented above that Karnataka state chief minister and peoples who are kind hearted and are helping peoples. Our politicians should learn from them.
    One most important thing we should understand is that for better administration state government should not completely depend upon centre government. State government has enough sources of income to take the state in proper direction. Gujrat is best example of this. Mr. Modi has proved his excellent administration powers and proved that states can progress even if there is no help from centre government. All of us know that centre government never help a state government which is not of their party. In such situation we should understand that things are changing but this will take sometime and we should put our own efforts.
    I am agree with the fact that government is of party not of peoples this is very disappointing, but at the same time I will also mention that in coming days we are going to see a different politics and the credit goes to a common man.
    With best regards,
    Sunil Saharan
    Working for an ideal and peaceful society.


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