A worthfull Sunday spent for the happiness of my kid.

A worthfull Sunday spent for the happiness of my kid.

It was an unplanned trip to one of my desired places. Its been a nice cloudy Sunday afternoon and we headed to Lumbini Garden which stretches over 1.5Km along the side of the Nagvara Lake located near Hebbal flyover. I had desired to see this place from many years after I watched some of the Ads on TV for it's famous Eco-friendly nature. As we had a heavy and late breakfast (as usual on all Sundays, after waking up late in the morning) we didn't carry much eatables with us, I was glad as outside eatables are not allowed into the Garden.

The entrance fee is 30/- per head and if you are carrying a camera, you have to pay 30/- as well. As soon as we enter, we are welcomed by the huge lake with boats making their way to and fro with visitors. On the left side, we have the Cafeteria and the Buddha Statue. We moved towards the right and spotted children amusement games. There were sliders, swings, motor cars, bungee jumping, balloon-house, Spanish bull ride, etc. Tickets for each game is 30/-. After my daughter played with some of these, we headed inside and were amused to see the big fish whose mouth was getting filled with water on top and many people standing below it so that once its full, it bends down and pours all the water on them and they slide down into the pool with its force.

The water pool costs you 200/-. There were small tides which was fun and music in the background to dance to its steps. We thought of playing in the water after we finish up playing the remaining games which are located to the right extreme of the garden. There are games such as ToraTora, Rolling boat, small kids rotating planes, cars, etc. As we were a bit thirsty, we had the Indian traditional icegolla(crushed ice topped with different flavors of juices like mango, strawberry, grapes, orange, etc).Now we went for the exited water game and it was very exciting to play in the water and stand and fall under the big fish. After we freshen up, we went to have some food as our tummy were dancing with emptiness after playing in the water. You can get all kind of food, Indian, Chinese, north Indian, etc. As there was a renovation going on, we were not able to see the Buddha status.

The last leisure in the garden was the boating. There are two types of boating: Paddle boating (30/-)and Group boating(50/). As there was a long queue for the paddle boating, we preferred to take the Group boating. We all were tied with the the Safety jacket and moved into the boat which can accommodate around 15 members. The water was clean and we were able to view the beautiful evening sun at one end and on the other end see the huge IT,BT buildings located at Manyata tech park which is a very prestigious IT hub at Bangalore. The lake has been preserved well as far I could see the water which was not contaminated. It would take around 10-15minutes in the boat ride. By the time we returned to the counter to return the jackets, it was 4:30pm and we could see still many people coming to the garden at this time. My daughter enjoyed a lot and I was happy to see her face filled with joy. That was a very fruitful day. It is a good destination to visit in the weekends with kids. There is still more scope for improvement.

You can visit the link http://www.lumbinigardens.com/ for more information.