The life of bengaluru

Bangalore city is one of the biggest cosmopolitan city and citizens like get information on their finger tips.Bengaluru (or Bangalore), one of the most rapidly growing metropolis in the country is also reputed to be the garden city, the pub city and the silicon valley of India and is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Bengaluru is India's third most populous city.

Bangalore or Bengaluru is one major cities in Southern part of India. Bengaluru is also known as "Garden City" and "Silicon Valley of India". City houses most of the reputed national and international companies offices be it educational institutional institution, software companies, research or defence organization. IT is the major hub and major growth in the city.

Official spoken language in Bangalore city (Karnataka state) is Kannada. Most of the people also speaks Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. Bengaluru city has a mixed culture with people from all over the country making it their home. City is also known for it fast growing cultural and parties.