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    Change the site name

    Nitin, sir
    my request to you to change the name of this site from MyBengalure to or
    Because you know Bengalure is small. If we provide all the information of bengalure with in the year. After one year this site will not able provide any information. So if we changed this name into Above one. It continue.
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    Dear Shreedhara,

    Just don't think about filling business directory section, Bengaluru is one of the most happening city in India, and each day there is one or other event happening at some parts of Bengaluru.

    You can also write about interesting places in and around Bengaluru, discuss about Bengaluru happenings,problems,developments etc, so there is no end to it.

    - Giri

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    Hi Shreedhara,

    I would not agree with your statement. Anything that is going to happen in Karnataka is first decide in Bangalore. So any news or information is first in Bangalore then spread across the state.

    There are certain happening which cannot be covered in Bangalore city, yet every day is new day, new event, a new business, new news, something is happening in around Bangalore.

    So after a new, who know we will more information that we have today, and still missing about that day information.

    So we have never stopped a member by posting information about Karnataka. However, we are targeting certain section only for Bangalore city.


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    I,too,feel that it is best to keep this site restricted only to the city of Bengaluru and not the entire State.

    It is not true that after 1 year there will be nothing to post about the city. Every city grows and developes and down the line there will be new restaurants, new institutes, new courses, new industries, and even new jobs! In fact, Bengaluru being a major metro in India, like Chennai,Delhi and Mumbai, it is always sought after on the Net in the search engines.

    Also, the name is just fine. I would rather not have the 'spider' attached to it - don't quite like the idea frankly of having 'spider' attached to all our city-based sister sites. It is a bit creepy, don't you think?!


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    Hi friend
    As webmaster replied on your query, it is not good to change the site name. I think this site must be restricted only to Bangalore. Any thing happenings in Karnataka must concern with state capital, Bangalore.

    You have to post good and self written articles in this site in different sections.

    With regards!

    Gautam kumar jha
    Active Member,

    Quote for life: "Everything Happens for the Good."

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