Don't be in hurry for Google AdSense !

Dear friends,
Don't be in hurry for Google AdSense. Yes, you must be very careful while applying for Google AdSense.

While you are going to apply for Google AdSense yopu must check your profile satisfy the following conditions:-

1.Your profile must be 6 month old.

2.6 month old means that you must have posted sufficient articles/posts in Resource section, Business Section, Review Section. Classifieds section, Fourm Section. etc.

3.You must not posted the copy contents in any sections. Google treats it very seriously. I have already discussed on it.

4.You must not increase your points by polling votes, or creating communities, or adding friends, etc, only. You have to post self-written and quality articles in above mentioned sections.

5.You mustbe at Gold Level or above before applying for Google AdSense. And You have to be an Active Member of Mybengaluru.

"Mybengaluru needs quality not quantity".

If you have any query about Google AdSense, please post your questions here and I will tey to solve them.