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    Google Crawling and Indexing the Webpage

    Hi Members,

    We always wanted to know how google works in Crawling into webpage or indexing our website and displaying it in the search.

    I was able to find some information about Google Crawl and How indexing works.

    Some of the Question that I have come across duirng the Google Crawling and Indexing method.

    Q: How long does it take to get Indexed.
    Q: How long does Google take to Index a site.
    Q: How fast does Google Index a site.
    Q: Still not Indexed.
    Q: How long does it take to get Crawled.
    Q: How long does Google take to Crawl a site.
    Q: How fast does Google Crawl a site.
    Q: Still not Crawled


    There is No set time in for Google to initially index your site - the time taken can vary. The time it does take may vary based upon factors such as;

    Popularity of the site (Whether it has any links to it)
    Whether the content is Crawl-able (Server Responses and Content type)
    Site structure (how pages interlink)

    It is possible for a site to be crawled/indexed within 4 days to 4 weeks.
    In some cases, it may take longer.


    To get our page indexed fast, Please follow the below guidelines

    Have actual "content" : This means having content that bots/spiders can "see" and understand (text!). If you are using purely Images, solely Flash or loading content up via JavaScript - then you are likely to encounter problems.
    Remember - bots like to "read" - so ensure that you have "text" for them to read!

    Use "normal" links : Normal links are things such as Some Link Text

    Using JavaScript based events (no href value, instead using or using select list elements with functions etc.) may result in the bots not following!

    Submit the site: NO - Verification is NOT the same as Submitting. To submit your site - use the URL Submittal tool

    and many more to add on
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    Thank you for your great information about google crawling. With regards,

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