Rowdy stalkers in bengaluru

I have to explain some background about myself to describe this issue. My mother separated from my father after my birth when I was 3 months baby. She came to her mother's house means my grannies house. She started selling vegetables n flower for our livelihood n took care of us.we struggled like this until I graduated in engineering and secured a job in IT company.

We are doing good today but people in that village who were observing our growth are in tolerant n during the course of time my childhood neighbours are developed as rowdy with good Influence from few political people's support they are unbeatable today. This group of people's are stalking me right from the day I have secured the job but couldn't keep them away for long due to there constant stalking n trying to get close to me.One fine day I got caught having drink party from that day onwards I had to look after all there expenses everyday. I couldn't bear this for once they demanded money hefty amount I had paid them after that incident couldn't bear there troubles apposed them, they manhandled me after this incident they went away n I was in some foriegn country but on a short period of vacation came to my mother's house.they again started stalking me when ever I'm out of my house to any nearby places like salon ,shopping etc right from morning till midnight. I'm fed up withis and scared for life what to do please suggest me.No Funny replies thank you in advance