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    Celebrating AIDS Day. - Your Suggestion and Contest

    The most dangerous diesease in todays world is the AIDS or HIV +.

    The estimated the number for a AIDS in the worlds is about 40 million people infected with HIV. Hence it is a duty of every citizen of India to have detailed knowledge about this disease".

    Due to lack of knowledge about AIDS people have fear in their mind against the victims of this disease. B

    ecause of fear of social boycott, AIDS patients and their relatives hide their HIV status. Many doctors (due to fear of getting infection) also refuse to treat these patients. There is danger of AIDS for everybody and only thing that can save us is to be completely informed.

    What does AIDS stands for?

    Acquired – must do something to contract

    Immune – ability to fight off infectious agents

    Deficiency – lack of

    Syndrome – cluster of symptoms that are Characteristic for a disease

    What is HIV?

    Human – isolated to the human species

    Immuno-Deficiency – Lacking the ability to fight off infectious agents

    Virus – a disease causing agent

    There are four ways you can cause this disease.

    1) From Parents
    2) From needle used by HIV+ patient and then used for normal person
    3) Blood transfusion
    4) Most cause in India is due to SEX.

    We need to bring awareness between the people.

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    Yes as it is said this is the most dangerous viral infection which kills a person slowly and gradually and this leads to all kinds of implication on a person.

    In the initial stage it was contracted through unsafe and illegitimate sex and also mostly because of having multiple partners and in an unsafe way. till all most many months or years a person does not know how that their body is infected with this virus.

    If you look in the present circumstances even though the primary cause for this is unwanted sex but this is spread in many other ways it is because of lack of awareness amongst the masses. In spite of so much coming out in the media still most of our people in the country are conservative in their thinking and adopting new measures.

    It is always be taken care when a person is taking an injection. It is always better to use disposable needle and syringe. Insist on this at every place in every hospital you go. This will save you a lot. This is not spread by just mingling with the infected person or shaking hand or using the utensil or like that. It is caused by transfusion of infected blood or from mother to child while in pregnancy or through unwanted sex.

    Please be sure that they are humans and they need our acceptance and do not treat them as aliens. They require our support. most of them do not know that they are infected without their intervention. Treat them as humans and give them a better life till the time they live and respect them. uplift them. This is all we can do to give them a little hope.

    Kiran Paul

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