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    The very first question that a visitor to (MBR) wants to know is whether MBR is trustworthy. So please go through the Testimonials.

    Next, many new members are confused when they come into this site. The first question that pops up in their minds is “What to do?" . So here are some guidelines on how to proceed at

    1. Read Guidelines.

    2. Introduce yourself in the Forum in the ‘Introduction Yourself' category. This is not compulsory, but it will help you as other members will respond and give you information about

    3. Start by giving good responses to Forum posts. This will help you to get to the Silver level, which is your first target as then you can then start earning cash credits. You can also post messages in the Forum, but make sure that you put it in the correct category. By being active in the Forum you not only get to know other members, but also who are the Editors for the various sections.

    4. Regularly check out Forum Announcements . Contests, awards, new payment programs and other important information about are announced in the Forum from time to time. If you have been away from for some time due to studies, vacation, etc. immediately check out the past Announcements that you may have missed.

    5. Please do not get angry if a post has been deleted. The reason could be it is a duplicate post or it is copy-pasted from another source/site. Posts are also deleted if they are incomplete, not of good quality, or are irrelevant. If you have not understood the guidelines of posting in a particular section, please clear your doubts in the Forum or contact any senior member/Editor. You can send a message to any Editor by clicking on the Editor's name and sending a message on ‘click here to contact'.

    6. Don't think that every post and every response gets cash credits. If you have read the Guidelines, you will know that only certain sections give cash credits, and that too depending on the quality of the post.

    7. Don't be hasty in trying to accumulate points at great speed. Most new members make the big error of getting thousands of points in a week merely by casting votes in the Polls section and by becoming members of various Communities. This is not the right way to prove yourself as a good member of You have to be an active member only through sensible contributions in the various sections. Moreover, only if you are an active member of for at least 5-6 months are you likely to get approval for the Google AdSense revenue sharing program on reaching the Gold level.

    8. Do not pull up old Forum threads just to get points. This needlessly pushes new threads to the back pages and genuine queries go unanswered.

    9. You can make friends at by sending a buddy request. However, please note that is not a social networking site. If your buddy request is rejected or a message of friendship is not answered, please do not harass the recipient again. Obviously that member does not wish to be friends with you or is not generally a socializing type. If you repeatedly harass somebody, you will be reported to the Webmaster and your account could be suspended or closed.

    10. Repeated violations of rules and guidelines can lead to suspension in a specific section and/or all sections. This is especially the case if you constantly indulge in spamming – please do not promote any site. This applies to not just so-called work-at-home jobs and online earning sites, but any site at all. If you do come across any interesting site that you would like to share with other members (other than online earning sites), you can post information about it in your own words in the Bookmarks section.

    11. Most important, be polite always in all your responses and interactions with others, whether directly in the Forum or in chat or via mail. Please do not use any SMS type words in your communications online at or in any messages. Use complete words, use capital letters only when required, and avoid aggressive tones.

    12. Above all, do not expect to make pots of money at this site. Do not depend on this site for your daily income. Do not leave your current job or your studies to exclusively devote your time to Consider as a part-time earning avenue, not as a full-time source of income. The Google AdSense program makes many members see stars and $$ clinking in their bank – this is a misconception. Yes, of course, it is one of the best earning programs at MBR but that does not mean that you ditch all your other work just for those greenbacks. Be sensible. Those earnings will be gradual and steady – but not immediately and not necessarily consistently. On some days you may not earn even a cent. It may take more than a year even to get your first $100 (the minimum payout by Google). So don't throw away your sources of regular income just for

    Any member who is still confused and needs guidance, feel free to send me a message through my Profile Page. I will respond within 48 hrs.

    Wish you Happiness at
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    Good Article About How to Proceed my please reformat the text and make it clear to read and remove the a href, links automatically created on forums, anyway thanks for the information.
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    Siaar CEO Siaar Group

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