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    Deletion of copied content - need action from you

    Dear members,

    On 1 Feb 2010, we will delete all content that include re produced description.


    We noticed that many members have been reproducing content from various sources and achieved Diamond levels so fast. While I congratulate you on achieving the Diamond level, I like to remind everyone that having re produced content in will seriously harm the site's reputation in the long run.

    If search engines like Google find re produced content in, they will label our site as a 'copy cat'. This means, those search engines will never send any traffic to us, which will be a disaster for us.

    We like to avoid such a situation at any cost. In order to prevent such major issues, I am taking strong action against reproduced content.

    This is applicable only for descriptive content that are available in Google. "Facts" like phone number, email address, company name etc cannot be different and no need to alter it. What is harmful is the "description" taken from other sites.

    I know you all cannot "make" jobs and classifieds. What you should do is, find jobs in the original employer website, take the contact details etc and then make some changes to the job description. You can easily do changes in the description simply by altering the words etc. You can change the order of words, replace some words with equivalent words, re order the sentences etc. There should not be even a single sentence in the description that is exactly similar to the content that already exist somewhere else.

    This is not applicable for job description etc taken from the printed sources, provided the same description does not appear in another site already and the printed media does not mind copying from there.

    If you want your content to be retained after Feb 1, please re visit each post and make sure they are modified according to the requirement stated above.
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    Hi, Tony Sir

    I would like to tell you frankly that when I posted jobs I did take them from the company website and gave skills, qualifications, and experience exactly as given there. I have posted over a hundred jobs here so how is it possible to go back to all those jobs & edit each & every one. After all, skills, qualifications & experience, like contact addresses and phone numbers, are very specific to a job and cannot be altered.

    Please note that in posting these jobs, I was not aiming to amass points or reach the Diamond level in haste. I am contributing here in the same way as at ISC - in a steady manner with good content. It would be sad if all my job posts were deleted and the attached cash credits minused.

    So,Sir, please clarify if the past jobs will be deleted.


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