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    Swine flu precautions needed.

    With the menace of swine flu growing everyday we have to ake precautions and make sure that its effect is minimal
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    Stay Calm and Follow these steps to combat the threat of Swine flu:

    Seven Steps to Follow if You have Symptoms which are worrying you due to Swine Flu Scare across India are:
    1)If you have symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, cold and running nose, consult your family doctor. If he says so visit the nearest designated government testing centre or hospital for a check up. Your risk is higher if higher if you have returned from an infected country and developed the symptoms or have met a person who has tested positive for H1N1.
    2)If it looks like you are one of the unlucky ones, wear a mask while moving out of the house. In case infected, you could spread H1N1 through coughing or sneezing.Private hospitals or labs are still not authorised to test patients for H1N1.
    3) After the clinical assesment, the designated medical officer would decide whether the symptoms would require sample collection and testing. The doctor will check for symptoms of pneumonia, chest infection, fever and ask your travel history.
    4)If its found that you need testing, throat and nasal samples will be collected and you will be asked to go home and stay indoors for seven days. In case the patient looks serious serious, he or she will be admitted in the hospital right away, while his samples are tested.
    5) Sample testing will take 24-48 hours. If found positive, the sample is then tested for H1 and swine A virus. In the meanwhile you will be called back immediately started treatment of Tamilfu- One tablet twice a day for 5 days.All your contacts will be traced and checked for symptoms.
    6) If you have mild infection , you would be given the option of admission into the hospital or isolated and treated at your own house. If you choose the latter, you and your attendant will have to wear a three layer mask at all times, and confine yourself to a room. Obviously you cannot go out to meet guests. Your family members will also be given a course of Tamilfu. Avoid meeting high risk groups in your family like small children, people with heart disease or pregnant women. In case you feel respiratory distress or your nails turn blue, immediately report back to the government hospital.
    7) After seven days, in the hospital or at home, you will be declared fit and discharged if you show no more symptoms.

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