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    How to make more money from adsense

    I have adsense account.
    and also sharing with ISc and now I joined
    But earnings are not increasing rapidly
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    Hi Das,

    In order to increase your adsense revenue you need to constantly posting in website with good information and also the most important is keywords.

    Once you have good article or posting done in any of the website, then automatically you will start earn from the website and google adsense too.


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    Hi Soubaghya Das,

    To Increase your adsense revenue you must really work hard. If you have your own blog then please post content to it regularly. And also as you have an ISC account, you can contribute there more to earn more.

    In ISC concentrate more on Bookmarks, Resources, Question Papers, Schools and Colleges, Business Directory, Reviews and ask experts. By Contributing more to these sections you can even earn cash credits (except in bookmarks, colleges and schools) and also you will be able to generate more cash credits.

    In Mybengaluru also concentrate on Resources, Bookmarks and Business directory to earn more. Hope you may get more adsense revenue from these sections. These suggestions are from the experience of ISC and not from the experience of MyBengaluru because MyBengaluru is not yet officially announced and I have not been active in any of the sections suggested by me.

    All the Best for your future journey in Google adsense.

    Thanks and Regards,
    D Shamasundar
    Silver Member

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    You can earn from adsense with this website only with the good posting.Keep posting good self written content in ISC and this website to get more revenue from adsense.Better post on the current topic .It will bring more traffic to your posts and hence your google adsense earning will start increasing.
    Pankaj Gupta
    Gold Member of MyBengaluru

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    Hi Soubaghya,

    More you post unique content more people visit your articles and related google adv. If they click on that related Adv. surly you will have good revenue so keep posting good resources.

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    Hi Soubaghya Das,

    You must contribute more in Resources section and jobs section to get more adsense revenues. Be sure that you must post good self written article with Genuine content and Quality content. And keep on updating your website to get more traffic.

    With Regards,
    Silver Member-MyBengaluru

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    Soubhagya in order to increase your adsense revenue you need to keep posting quality articles on a regular basis. At the same time if you have a blog that can help generate more adsense revenue. Remember though you need to cosistently post articles with major keywords in them to help get more revenue from Google Adsense.

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