Again Price hike for Petrol and Diesel will be done this Monday

Is it really a valid move by the Government of India or Ministry of Petroleum to increase the Petrol and diesel price for the 4th time in last 6 months.

Any time there is one reason that they gave out is are Oil companies are running in losses Is that true

We look down the lane the cost of one barrel of Petrol in international market went to 140+ and still we have price of Petrol between 50 and 60 Rs. Which was acceptable as the international market was boiling down.

Now the international market is price per barrel is around 70+ barrel and we are now seeing a price raise of around 3 to 3.5 Rs per litre.

What are you suggestion and feedback?

Is that right move for the Government of India as already there boiling prices of vegetable and other necessary commodities. or is there are new bill which is going to come and needed to pass or election in any of the state which Congress is looking for.

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