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    Cleanliness- why is it absent?

    Hi Folks,
    BMTC is the most widely used means of public transport. I do regularly travel by BMTC and i am pained to see the way the buses are maintained. Seats are torn, the skin of the dry peanuts have been strewn, flower vendors/ vegetable vendors who carry their luggage leave away the trash. What makes them to be like that I wonder?

    Is the absence of strict penalty regulation makes them to have this kind of laid back attitude that makes them to get away with this kind of behaviour.

    Lest why cannot the BMTC officials themselves take the initiative of maintaining a Clean Bus. I know this is difficult to drive-in such a thought, but I think implementation of leving a fine or paying a penalty might to a certain extent lessen the dirt around.

    Any more thoughts to share?? The debate is open:-)
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    Hi Deepika,

    You have pointed out a good issue, where our BMTC buses are not to the mark with clealines.

    However, we also need to think isn't there a responsibility of the citizens to keep the Buses not only Buses but city too clean.

    A new bus looks always good, from out and inside. After some years or may be few months, we citizens start writing on the seats or try to tore the seat and when there is Bandh or any agitation. The bus are easy target.

    I think citizens plays a very important role in cleanliness also with the Government involved in it.

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    Hi Sonam,
    Yes i agree that citizens also need to adhere to some basic cleanliness, but since unfortunately we have seen that this is absent, hence the BMTC should bring some norms and regulate them. Unless we exercise a fine or a penalty things won't work. We need to get our mind-set right and pay a fine for misuse of public service.

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