Self Esteem

All of us carry a mental picture of ourselves - like how we look, how we behave, think, our likes and dislikes- and what not!!

What is self Esteem?
To put in simple words: self esteem is all about how you value yourself - your own image that you have created or is created.

Unfortunately Self Esteem quite often depends more on the external conditions which is a general perception.- like:

The social status
your strenght and weakness
how you relate with your relatives and friends or in your neighbourhood.
And the trend now is MONEY!!!

But actually... self- estee lot depends on your inner self- what you believe in and how you live upto it. The core values that comes from parental grooming, family culture - your core values that have ingrained in you and how you value them- that gets reflected to the outer world.

Quite often when you outgrow from your child behaviour and move to your adolecent years - that is when you become a teenager, you will be exposed to lot many changes both physcial and mental or emotional- it is then when you become more receptive to alter yourself according to the outside world - this is where your inner voice conflicts with the external conditions- your core values debates with the external conditions that you perceive.

In a situation like this,often we fall prey or become victim to external conditions, quite forgetting to believe in ourselves.

You got to know that every one is unique, and that there can be no duplicate of you.
Always remember it is better to fail in orginiality than to succeed by imitation.
You got to be a role model for others- Learn to be different, acquire new skills, learn something new that gives a boost to your self -esteem
Never compromise on your core- values that you have parents have thought- know that value has a value only if it is valued-
Do not measure your success or failues by comparing yourself with others- as I said earlier each one of us is unique. If your start comparing yourself with others, then you start living and believing the way they think and act... which is wrong.
Smile more often instead of frowining- you never know somebody out in the crowd may like your smile.
Happy Reading.