Media and the coverage- Are the citizens getting the right message

With the TV invading our living rooms, news reach the common man is like a drop of a hat. But are we getting the right information across. Days of Doordharshan was great! we had news at particular time-slot and and each one of us were waiting for the news time. But now- a-days, it seems the news coverage by different private channesl are not meant for the common man but for the owner of the private news media- it can be a scoop, a hype, and what not- just to increase the TRP ratings. Now to me watching news is never that waiting moment, i get to see all kinds of things that goes as 'Breaking News'!

Oops some where we should draw a line for this lest there is no meaning in the term NEWS. Coverage of Sania /Shoaib Malik marriage followed by Dhoni -Sakshi - why are they in headlines? There is lot of things in India that needs more covrage than these sloppy stuff. Looks like the media or the news channel today is projecting like a Tabloid newspaper where only gossips and scams draw the attention....

Have you ever noticed NDTV news always pulls down on Hinduisim, why so? I am not trying to draw a political debate on this? But as a true Indian and Hindu, you will be pained to see such a thing. Why is that one sells his or her integrity for money? Why does one run behind money like that..... or why is everything and anything calculated for money- is it reallly a money's worth?

Internet may have made our lives easier and everthing and anytihing is the E-way! Going by the popular saying ' all that glitters is not gold', news that is relayed on televised may not be true at all now. Even the programs aired in this particular channel is not up to the mark.