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    Keeping our city clean---- Onus lies with every one.

    The onus of keeping our city clean not only lies with the BBMP , and its workers, but also the residents are equally responsible.
    Cleanliness is not a one man's army. Even the shop keeprs and the stall owners who sell coffee/tea, cigarettes, provision stores are also equally responsible to maintain their surroundings clean.
    If you have noticed, the stall owners who sell coffee/tea use plastic cups and there is no proper disposal system - i mean there is no dustbin or a trash can.
    Customers drink their coffee/tea, along with puffing a cigar etc and throw away the cups and cigarettes butt on the road.
    The sweepers clean at one time of the day and after that the onus lies with the shop owners ( small, medium or big ) to ensure and maintain their surroundings clean.
    Oneway to ensure such best pracitces means that a penality or a fine needs to be imposed. More often than not this system will not be effective, because the owners feel they are victimised ,
    lest if imposed, they get way by payiing some nominal amount, that quite often attributes to bribing the corporation official.

    If the BBMP feel this cannot be managed, they can entrust such services to certain NGOs who can take up this acivity of keeping the city or area clean. Since Bangalore city is growing day-by-day mainly crowded due to out-station people or should i say the influx of floating population is increasing day-by-day... somewhere we need to create this awareness of mainitaining the city clean.
    The callous attitude of the residents is also one of the main reason. The maids employed in the flat or houses also throw the trash in empty site, or just flung it from the balcony of the house/flat. This also adds-up in creating unhygenic enviornment, polluting the surroundings.

    The onus is for eveyone not just left to the BBMP officials and workers. Even these workers would lose interest in ensuring the city to be kept clean, because the residents or the petty shop keepers and general public are not cooperative.
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    Hi Deepika,

    A good topic that you have raised. Responsibility of citizen also plays an important role in keeping the city clean and green.

    As citizens, it is very important for us to keep check our surroundings and also help other, providing information to the Government officials which will help the city to be clean and green.

    Government and citizens together combine needs to step or bring in some norms and setup dustbin, spittons and other facility which will help either citizens to make the best use of them.


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