Common Wealth Games Scam- reflects corrupt political leaders

Hi Folks,
The on-going coverage on CWG scam reflects the extensiveness of corruption in our country. Now what you see is the blame-game that is happepening. What is our Mr. Prime Minister doing? Or fair enough our President? Why cannot they address the nation , come on Television and speak their mind. What is MS Sonia Gandhi/Rahul Gandhi doing?
What about the chief minister of Delhi doing? Why cannot they speak up and take action.

It has caught the attention of media and general public because this is an international event. This only shows how devalued our politicians are. They have no absolute shame in doing such things, so the question of national pride does not matter to them or does not mean anything to them.

Why should the organising commitee chairman step down, once he steps down, it will take 'n' number of years to chargesheet him, leave alone any verdict. Ideally government of india should freeze all his bank accounts and ask him and his aides to pay for this mess. After all money does not grow on trees, it is our tax paying money that they have laundered. There is should be a paying-back option and Mr chairman and his aides should be accountable and all those who have directly or indirectly invovled should be punished.

Time guys, this is a wake-up call for all us to voice our concerns and act.

I wonder why the Sena is quiet on this, guess they are more intersted in drving the migrants out of Mumbai, why cannot they drive out corruption and corrupt politicians instead??

Readers's views - thoughts and after-thoughts welcome.