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    MP's get 200% salary hike - still unhappy - Is it Acceptable? - Group Discussion

    Citizens are not able to cope with the price hike which the Government is not able to control and here it goes with 200% hike of salary for the MP's.

    After such a huge salary hike, many MP's has walked out of the Parliament, as this not acceptable. Did they think of citizens who are not earning yet paying the taxes and try to cope up with the price hike.

    MP's get their salary paid from the pockets of citizens, what does this mean, a hike of their salary is burden on the normal citizens which bring in action of another excess tax or some price hike.

    However, it is cheerful time for the Karnataka MP's, as they will be now be getting 500 litres of petrol every month against 300 litres which will be paid by Government. Is this really acceptable, with steep hike in petrol price, does any MP needs 500 litres of petrol for free. After the below earning that he is already getting.

    Some interesting facts that you would like to read:

    At present a single Member of Parliament cost 37 lakh a year. Some details about the hike:

  • Basic pay has been hiked from 16,000 to 50,000 Rs still MP are not happy.
  • Office expenses are hiked are from 20,000 to 40,000.
  • Constitutency allowance doubled to Rs. 40,000
  • Limit for interest free loan for buying cars hiked 4 times to 4 lakhs
  • Road mileage (they can claim) Rs. 16/- per km.
  • Pension increased to Rs. 20000 per month

  • Then MP's have lots of reservation like first class in railways with their family for any number of times. 1,50,000 free phone calls on 3 landlines and 2 mobile phone. Rent free housing which government pays for the furniture ranges from 15,000 to 60,0000 and many other facilities which are sometime out of reach of the "Aam Aadmi".

    List of Member of Parliaments : Click here to know your MP

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    What nonsense! What on earth are the MPs earning so much for?! It is really absurd to see them getting such fat paychecks & perks.

    For one thing, how many of the MPs actually attend Parliament? How many of the MPs are actually doing something for their individual constituencies & the public in general?

    They are already getting good pay & still they want more - isn't there no end to greed? Why should the hard-earned money of the public taxpayers fuel this greed?

    There should be some basis on which salaries are paid to the Mps, just as it is in a corporate set-up. That is, get fixed salary per month depending on the attendance + positive work done.


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    It is the cruel joke of the year, hiking perks for MP's ? First of all the salary should not be a constraint for public servants like MP's and MLA's, when they have lakhs to spend for winning election, why the hell they need salary, further they need hike in the proposed salary.

    It is a bitter story that according to an survey more than 48% of the population in India do not know who is the MP for their constituency, it shows not the ignorance of such people but it is how our so called MP's interact with people of their constituency.

    To add more fuel, in Karnataka the Chief Minister has announced 500 litres of fuel in place of existing 300 litres for each MP per month to visit their constituency for developmental work, whose development is it? Not the constituency, but the concerned MP's, this fuel increase will work out around Rs.25,000/- per month per MP.

    Here are some highlights of the hike :
  • Basic pay earlier it was Rs.16k and now it is Rs.50k
  • Office expenses [biggest joke] from existing Rs.20k to Rs.50k per month
  • Constituency allowance from present Rs.20k to Rs.40k [is it not there responsibility to visit their constituency, then why they should be paid to visit?]
  • Interest free loan of Rs.4 lakhs to buy car
  • Hike in mileage allowance from present Rs.13/- per km to Rs.16/- per km
  • Now even spouse[s?] can also travel unlimited number of times in railways that too in first class along with can also claim for road mileage
  • Increase in pension from present Rs.8k to Rs.20k [If at all they retire, as most of the politicians service starts after the age of 50+]
  • 1,50,000 phone calls are absolutely free with 3 landlines and 2 mobile phones
  • They will get even rented furniture to the tune of Rs.60k, apart from free washing of sofa covers, bathroom tiles and curtains
  • 50k units of free electricity per annum
  • 4000 kilo litres of free water
    When all these calculated and summed up per year it will come to Rs.37 lakhs per MP per year, who said India is a poor country, when an politician wins the election he is entitled for all the benefits mentioned aforesaid, not more than 25% of MP's re-elected in India, then calculate since independence how many MP's India have seen, how many are still living and getting retirement benefits.

    Only god can save India from these type of clutches.


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    Hi Team,

    Here you go some more facts about our MP's.

    Our MP's who do not make to the parliament which is 543 members.

    Out of 544 MP's in parliament approximately 315 member are already in the list of crorepati of India.

    Our of 54 newly elected MP in Rajya Sabha 43 are millionaires (ex. Vijay Mallaya and many others).

    The most important fact is the declaration of their assets done during the election.

    The highest number of Crorepati or millionaires are in the Congress Bucket with about 70% and highest is NCP with about 75% i


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    Well, well, this is getting more and more bizarre....already rich MPs are getting richer! Billionaires and crorepatis surely don't need pay hikes - ridiculous by any standards.

    It would be a great day if these MPs, instead of asking for pay hikes ask for pay cuts. They could definitely request that part of their pay be used for developing infrastructure, for setting up schools and medical facilities for the poorer residents of the State, and similar "good" activities.

    However, as the proverb goes, if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride!


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