Pathetic state of beggars- wake up call for the government.

Hi folks,
Recently there was a coverage in the local newspapers on the pathetic living conditions of beggars in the beggars colony.
A popular saying goes " you can take the horse to the pool, but you cannot make it drink". Likewise if the government has given them the facility for these beggers to stay in the beggers colony, the onus lies on these individuals to maintain and follow some basic cleanliness.

What seems so deplorable is that when government facilitates these destitutes to live in a place, why cannot these people adhere to some basic cleanliness.

What surprises me is that cleanliness and hygenie is subjective, and these cannot be imposed on one to be clean.

First of all these people are lazy enough and hence they resort to begging as an easy way to earn their bread.

It is high time the government be it at state or central impose penalty. Only then the public can follow some basic cleanliness.It is sad to see people littering and spitting shamelessly.

It is a wake-up call for the ngos, corporators, government health departments to create this awareness of maintaining hygenic conditions.