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    Do Corporators need hike - Discuss and give your feedback?

    After the Central now it is time for the Corporators to increase their salary. The increase in is salary has shown that they need more than the Central minister. Who are atleast seen on the Television or media coverage. These corporators are not even seen after the election even their residence change.

    Why does a Corporator needs salary hike?

    Is he doing what is he suppose to do the the respective Ward?

    Are the problem solved for the Wards, atleast the day he has taken oath?

    Where will this hike salary come from?

    Currently BBMP has allocated some 8000Cr plus budget for the development of the city and which even they do not have idea from will they get. This hike is the allocated budget or is it an additional burden on the citizens who are staying in the Bangalore city.

    Citizens are already tired of the Central Price hike and increase in petrol prices, auto price and now BBMP corporators needs a hike of 600% which is again dual burden on the citizen of the city to pay more tax and get our corporators pocket full and leave the city with more Potholes, stray dogs, no electricity, no water, and missing all basic necessities.

    What do the Citizens say

    Did you meet your Corporator after election, or did he come to meet you or did he solve your ward problems
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    Certainly corporators do not deserve such a huge salary hike.

    what is the governmnet trying to do? Will the corporators do justice to their hefty pay packet?
    Just like the private firms have salary based on their performance, so also these corporators,mlas should have salary rated based on their performance and execution of work within timelines. Hope by then the city and civic amenties will improve-

    A wildest of wild dream - if this happens

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    If the salary of the Corporaters is hiked then it could be second tragedy of the year, as first one we are already witnessing that is hike in MP's salary.

    They are playing with public money, 600% hike ? Whose money it is ?

    Everyday we used to read in news papers as in many wards people who have voted them have seen corporator of their respective area only once, when they came to beg for vote, later they were no where, do we have to rely on them for developmental activities, then I hope we are in fools paradise.

    Many corporators have flashed their mobile numbers in the form of banners and posters, but unfortunately nobody's call has reached that number, then how to find them to air our grievance ?

    They need hike more than Central Ministers.

    People should awake atleast now to protest such daylight exploitations, till then it is next to impossible to teach them and make them to learn how to interact with public to solve their problem with civic amenities.

    Many areas are getting only water bills but no water, for releasing Cauvery water in 4th stage they have collected huge sums of money, but till date they have not seen either water or the bill.

    Hike in petrol, diesel, LPG prices and subsequently hike in local transport, government employees atleast will get a compensation in the name of Dearness Allowance once in six months, but what about people employed in small and petty establishments.

    Is this the time for corporators to seek for hike in their salary, never and ever they should not be allowed to get more than what they are getting now, though they don't deserve even for that.


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    Corporators should provided a detailed report of how they have spent the money allocated to their ward. Have they used it for improving the state of the roads? Have they used it to provide better facilities to residents of that ward? Where does the money go exactly?!

    Those corporators who have genuinely proved that they have worked hard for the benefit of the people staying in their ward area should be rewarded with a pay hike. However, they should continue to prove that they are managing funds allocated to them wisely. On a month-to-month basis, accordingly the salary should be fixed.


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    Once the Corporators found in any area, the concerned can ask them about the money they spent for the sake of improving infrastructure in the city, but the very question raised here where to find them?

    They are not seen since they elected, now it is the turn of the Government to ask them about report of the work taken by them since they assumed the charge as Corporators.

    It has become a everyday matter in the news papers about grievances faced by the public, after the election the condition of the city become bad to worse.

    This is the fate, when the local body and the state government belongs to same party, as it involves obligation on somebody's part as they are also part in looting the public money, then where is the question of finding and asking the Corporators about the account of the public money.

    No area is an exception in the city, just the elections were conducted and corporators got elected but the apathy of the condition remains same or become worst.

    Until and unless people awake the condition of any place will be same, corruption everywhere, even god cannot find solution for these problems.

    If the same situation continues the title for the city 'Silicon' will soon become a nostalgic.


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