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    Shame of JDS Leaders and their family

    It is not new that the key representatives of JDS political party have put up a show of coward politics. time and again Kumarswamy, Revanna and their father have executed cheap poitical mannerisims
    to revolt against the ruling BJP. I think it is time voters dump the these trio from conducting active politics. Such cowardly behaviour of using money to buy MLAs is disalarming and such acts are anti-party behaviour.

    When there is reelection, defnitely i cannot fathom one of these guys in the chiefminister role. Very cheap unethical person leading a state for his own selfish purpose- oops its is too much.

    Cannot imagine even the congress have tied up with these goons to bring down the government. Instead of allowing a party to complete its term, they have resorted to destabise the government, literally getting to the wrath of the common man.

    The governor should have banned these fellows from active politics, disqualifying them instead of calling in presidents rule. What a choice -Mr Governor
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    hello Deepika this not shame for JDS OR CONGRESS, all these Drama's Are Started by BJP in the Name of Operation Kamala.

    Present Drama Is Directed By BJP's MLA to Get power in the Government or By BJP party To make people To Forget latest BJP's Scam in KIDA Department.

    Prasad C M
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    Hi Deepika and Prasad,

    This is no shame for BJP, Congress, or JDS or any other political party. This is shame on Indian People. We elect all people with dubious records. How many of the voters voted to them did so without knowing that they will do so.

    If we elect these people, we need to bear with them.

    As we know, the root of corruption in india is witht the political system. The system is corrupt. Let us go back to the root causes and address the system. It is not individuals or parties who are responsible. we the people of india need to raise our voices to root out the rot in the system.

    Let us use such forums and other media to raise voices


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    Hi Prakash,
    I agree with your point that the system needs to be changed and not individuals or parties. Right from the independance, Corruption has become rampant with congress party spreading its wings in every governing body- controlling and clipping the wings of the judiciary- be it the supreme court, cbi, etc. The congress working committe meet that concluded yesterday was so disappoiting when the party president never addressed the issue of corruption that plagued the Commonwealth games, or the land scam- kargil for profit scam. these scams are one of the recent ones that have made headlines, but i thing instead of having as congress working committe- it should be renamed as
    Whom to raise the voice at, everywhere there is corruption, media should be more focused in nailing the corrupt inviddual, they should run campaings and bring the corrupt officials- nail them down. the assets of these corrupt individuals should be freezed.

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