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    Pay more or Fight with - Auto Rickshaw - What would you prefer?

    After the recent hike of local auto charges from Rs. 14/- to 17/-. Bangaloreans have been shelling out money for the meter which are still displaying the Rs. 14/- as the starting cost.

    The minute you reach destination, it is the Auto drivers rule, he pulls out a sheet and says this what is according to the current increase price of Rs. 17/-.

    Bangaloreans have bow to that and ready to pay for the same meter charges or extra charge which the auto driver demand for small destination which nowhere less than Rs. 50/ - to 250/-.

    I paid Rs. 50/- for a destination of 4 km as none of the auto driver were ready to travel.

    RTO has come out with guidelines for the citizens to pay as per displayed on the meter be it By Rs. 14/- or Rs. 17/-. Bangaloreans needs to pay as per the meter, if the auto driver demand more then call up the RTO office for the complaint with the information:

    Auto registration number, License number, name, and give complaint.

    Do you think it will really help the citizens which will lead to unknown fight and discussion when we need to go on work

    Give your views right here
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    Autos are no more for the benefit of the commuters, it is a menace in any developing cities like Bangalore.

    If the local public transport is good and a little comfortable then nobody bothered to travel in Autos, though the local transportation is far away from what we have seen few years back, it has developed a lot but it is nowhere near to depend on it.

    This is the best time as even Regional Transport Authorities has joined their hands to cull the Auto menace.

    According to their statistics still around 30,000 autos are running with old meters but at revised rates at minimum.

    RTA Chairperson has taken a right step not to extend the deadline to calibrate the meters.

    Now the Auto Union has requested to extend the deadline by one more month as they have a lame excuse as Bangalore city have less number of authorized mechanics to get the meters calibrated, let them come out how many autos have calibrated their meters with that less number of authorized mechanics, is that justified.

    We hear and read a lot about Auto Drivers atrocities and we cannot weigh all the auto drivers in the same scale, there are instances of honesty and helpfulness of auto drivers but it is scarce to find.

    It is learnt that Bangalore city have around 80,000 autos out of which only around 50,000 autos have calibrated their meters in a time of two months, what about the remaining.

    We have witnessed even autos with calibrated meters are also demanding extra fare from passengers where commuters find it difficult to get a auto in few areas.

    The RTA should stick to its words by not extending the deadline, public should support them by not paying revised fares if the auto meters are not get calibrated.


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    Autos are really a menace in Bangalore. I normally pay 80-100 from Yelahanka RS to Judicial Layout which is close to 4.4 KMs. All the autos in this auto stand are without meters.
    A person travelling for the whole night will have to either pay up or just walk to the bus stand which is 200 mtrs away.
    There is a traffic Cop at this place who seems to be eternally blind (or turns a blind eye.

    Are the authorities really unaware of the situation in some areas of the city?. They came up with a solution that the fare difference charts are invalid. Only pay the meter fare. What to do if there are no meters in it at all.

    They gang up and demand as much as they want. Only one person will talk and coordinate the fare out of the gang. There are no options but to go with whatever is demanded.


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    Hi Readers,
    Autos are really a menance in Bangalore. For the past two decades, with the emergence of IT hub, autowallahs dictate their own fares for a particular destination. Even the passengers are to blame for this. No problem is a one-way route, at times we as passengers have encouraged the autowallahs. Often i see many yougsters ( especially the hep ladies/ college girls) just hiring or stopping the auto in a speeding traffic. Often you see this near Murgespalya( Total Mall), Domlur;Kodihalli;Diamond District jucntion, ets Girls just hire or stop the auto in mid-way, causing unnecessary traffic jam. Time the authorities either the traffic police or the some desginated NGOs to take action on such practises. Please note for a system to go worse, even we are partly to blame. We create a situation for ourselves to depend on these autowallahs and they sit on our heads, demanding huge fare or being rude etc.
    Murgespalya- total mall is one such mess i have highlighted. But if you just see, they happen to cause more harm everywhere. Strategic bus-stops, they simply hangaround, unmindful of the passengers waiting for the bus or for the buses to come and stop at these stops.
    Name a place and you see the bizaree crowd of autos haphazardly blocking the traffic- Vijayanagar main bus stops - its not about main areas of the city, enven some bylanes, smaller roads, they seem to occupy the road causing nuisance to people who are walking. The only way ( an effort) is stop using their services. There plently of buses know and also the fares are relatively cheap compared to the autowallahs demand, use these services. Infact i do it - never encourge an auto-service- try my best not to.

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    Metre hike issue is an old problem like from the auto drivers point of view its justice to them but from the customer or the passengers point of view it a burnhole in their wallets who mostly prefer autos ! We have no problem about the minumun price hike, as long as they don ask more than what the meter shows at the end of the trip ! But sometimes it becomes unavoidable to pay the extra price they ask !

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