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    Discuss: Will BJP Govt Complete 5 Years Term in Karnataka

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Will BJP Govt Complete 5 Years Term in Karnataka'.

    The best discussion wil earn Rs. 250/- at the end of the month.

    1st Prize - 250/-
    2nd Prize - 100/-
    3rd Prize - 50/-

    Some consolation prizes too.

    Give your feedback on the happening in 6 months of the Karnataka Government and grab the opportunity to win the Prize
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    Hi Thiru,

    After the High Court declaration of 11 MLA disqualification, we can make sure that the Government may complete 5 years in the term.

    However, we cant say who is next in the line or kitty of JDS and Congress to pull from BJP with a tag.

    Wait and watch


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    Yes, certainly the present Government may last till its full term but I fear by then the resources of the state and treasury will be drenched.

    One find all the present and disqualified honourable MLS'a will be in the list of crorepatis, it is time to bow our head in shame.

    We have never seen or heard about all these thamashas, all the people representatives are busy in making money or busy in counting money, whose money it is ?

    There is a long standing question why the majority of educated do not vote ? But the question why they should vote, these people know how to win, even if a person is honest before elections but it is a temporary phase, they will change the colours once they get elected.

    We had lot of hopes and confidence in the present government about improvement of infrastructure and other problems city facing, but where is the time for them to worry for all these problems.

    We thought we have elected the best, but later we found it was an illusion in fact we have elected the worst.

    Now a days nobody is interested in state politics, now the disqualification is entering the supreme court, the elected representatives got another chance to mint money.


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    When the Karnataka High Court upheld the disqualification of the 11 BJP rebel MLAs last month, naturally Chief Minister, B. S. Yeddyurappa was a relieved man. His aim of proving that defection would not be tolerated was sucessful.

    Also, as per the latest news, Yeddyurappa is determined to expand his Cabinet. It was reported that he had a meeting with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National President Nitin Gadkari yesterday in Napur. Supposedly it was simply to convey Diwali greetings, but that just seems to be a cover for the real aim of Cabinet expansion. Actually, the swearing-in ceremony of new Ministers was to have taken place on the first day of Diwali, that is, November 3rd. However, as everyone knows, assigning Cabinet seats is not that simple! Just about everybody wants to grab power, so Yeddyurappa had a long queue of aspiring Ministers and less seats!! So, till Diwali is over, there is unlikely going to be any Cabinet expansion.

    In the light of all these defections and expansions, will the present Karnataka Govt. complete its full 5 year term? Somehow, I feel maybe not. If Yedyurappa is finding people within his own party protesting against selection of Ministers for his Cabinet, it is quite likely that his supporters within the party will diminish. Also, if opposing political parties take advantage of this, one fine day they may file a no-confidence motion against the Govt. Perhaps, then, the current Govt. will collapse. If there are public elections, it is quite possible the people of Karnataka, fed up with the current scenario, decide to cast their votes in such a way as to bring a new Govt. to power.

    Let's wait and your seats for a ringside view of the political circus as it unfolds!


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    Thank you for the feedback .

    I have allocated to Rs 50 and 25 points both Ravi and Vandana for providing their views and feedback on the political arena of Karnataka state.


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    May be the heading should have been "will the BJP Government survive to complete the 5 Years term in Karnataka".

    The current majority of the government is laser thin. One more defection and the government is gone.

    Now the corruption charges about allotment of land to CM's son etc will be now the focus of media. This may lead to Congress culture of Changing the chief minister in the state.
    Congress may not be very active right now as they are busy washing the dirt of 2G Spectrum and the Adarsh scam of their hands. However, JDS will still try to force a change in the government.

    As of now the present CM is a burden to the BJP, as his continuance appears to be taking the sting out of the BJP campaign against the UPA government on corruption in the 2G mobile spectrum allocation scam, Adarsh Housing Society and Commonwealth Games.

    So the decision on him may be saving the government for now but this may lead to factions being active again in BJP.
    The first point here is that will the CM stay for the complete term or not.
    Since these are politics, this cannot be predicted by a common man.

    Only see the tamasha......


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