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    Corrupt Pollitians no doubt- But what about shop keepers

    Hi Folks,
    Our newspapers are flooded with SCAMS- ranging from an MLA flouting some laws, minister's act of nepotism, etc.- these are nothing new...

    But some things that I did not bother for a while now, but started to oflate is that shop keepers taking more than what states on an MRP.

    The Nandini Mik packet (Oraante in colour- the rich cream so to say) is Rs 12 on the packet for a half litre and that is the MRP quoted. So for one litre - the ideally one should pay Rs 24. But why is my local shop keeper charging me a Rupee etc. Why is he taking Rs 25 when the MRP is only Rs 24.
    Has the definiton of MRP changed? Why should i pay 1 Rupee etc more? Any suggestions. Why is a consumer always harassed. There should be a way to stop this menance.
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    Hi Deepika

    Near my house also the rates are some what like this, if we get the milk in morining, the shop keeper is charging Rs 24/ litre. But after some time , that is 10.30 pm if we ask for the same milk he is charging Rs 25. Saying that once we put the milk in regrigerator we will charge Rs 1 extra. As the Nandni milk suppliers will not pay us anything extra for the consumpsion of electricity for refrigerator. If we not charge this Rs 1 extra then from were we have to pay the electricity bill.


    Mehmood Sultan

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    Oops it is a trend everywhere. But how do we stop this menance.

    If they are supplying the essential commodiities, why should we pay up for their electricity.

    They cannot set up a norm at cost of a consumer. Is it not.

    an awareness should be created to stop this practise

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    Hi Deepika,

    Very good point brought by you. The electricity charges are included in the MRP.
    This is blatantly misused by the retailers as they know that it is a need and you will take it anyway.

    This can be reported to the KMF (Karnataka Milk Federation) but I doubt you will get any reply.
    For the convenience I am adding the Address of the company.

    #2915, KMF Complex, D.R.College Post, Dr.M.H.Marigowda Road, BANGALORE - 560 029. Karnataka.

    Ph: 080-255 36625,260 96800,260 96820,260 96830,
    Fax: 080-255 36105

    E- Mail: /

    Another way is report on their website, on the contact us page.

    I am really skeptical that any useful result can be expected.

    However, One thing is that if we generate a number of complaints from different sources, they may take a cognizance and see that the retailers are disciplined.


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    Hi Prakash,
    thank you so much for prvinding me the adrress for complaining about such malpractices. Definitely i will write to them. We may certainly cannot expect overnight changes, but as you said if the number of complaints go up, definitely there will be action.

    The journey to a long desitnation begins with a single step.
    If all of us join together for a common cause, i am sure we can clean up the system.

    Thank you.

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