BMTC Services - Catering only to IT hub like Marathhalli,Sarjapur Road, BIAL,etc

Hi folks,
There has been rampant increase of bus routes by the BMTC. We find Big 10 buses operating in strategic areas connecting main areas like the MG road, electronic city, marathahalli. Volvos though good, are a nuisance wiht growing traffic jam as they halt as and when one wishes to alight or get in to the bus.

BMTC should focus to introude more buses or extend the current buses in areas which are still developing. that will help a lot number of common people who find it difficult to commute everyday to workplace.
An example of such an area is
Lot of 500 series buses ply on the Kengari Ring Road from Kengari- Hebbal or Kengari- Marthahalli or Banashankari- Nyandanhalli-Kengari-Hebbal.
But BMTC should introduce more buses to the adjoining areas or layouts that are developing. Lack of buses in these layouts is causing lot of problems to working people, especially working women One such area is Malathalli, Balaji Layout. Though there are lot of houses, and other adjoining layouts have been developed, the bus facilities are bare mimimal.
Only 223n from Malathahalli to Market, and 223p ply from Balaji Layout to Shivainagar. The number of frequencies is just 2.
223 series ply only from Malathahalli main bus-stop to Market.
BMTC buses should extend and optimise their services when adjoining areas are developing. they should not remain stagnant. for example 61a plies between chandralayout to majestic, the adjoining areas have developed, they should extend 61a upto Jnanabharati quarters, helps lot of people and als it can decongest the traffic on the roads.
Introducing more buses is not the only service of the BMTC, they should optimise the services as and when adjoining areas are being developed,only then will everyone rely on the public transport.
If BMTC caters only to the IT hub area, then there will be no end to growing traffic problem, everybody will either rely on private transport or auotos.