Nagarabhavi Circle Bus-stop- The most chaotic, mismanaged traffic- No bus shelter

Hi Folks,
I am back to raise another concern on how some areas are neglected. There is this nagarabhavi flyover- but it is the most chaotic one. vehicle users going towards chandralayout, or towards jnanabharati quarters either take a right-turn or adjacent straight road. There is a service road parallel to the main nagarabhavi road via chandra layout. this is the most chaotic point. There is a bus-stop with no bus-shelter and commuters who want to board the bus are the most hit. You find autos parked haphazardly, private vehicles (two wheeler, four wheelers)+ you find the pani-poori stall too. So you find all in all in at one point. Especially during the peak hours ( morning and evening) it is really difficult if one wants to stop-by to catch another bus. There is always a traffic jam as vehicle users are in a rush to go ahead.Added to that private company tempo travellers stop abruptly to pick passengers. I am sure you would have got a picture of how poorly the the traffic is managed.
The traffic police should not allow any vehciles to be parked near the bus-stop.
Stop the use of service road parallel to chandralyout road(towards nagarabhavi circle) during peak hours- this is reduce traffic congestion from all sides.

The BMTC too should inspect and co-ordinate with the corporators to put a bus-shelter and strictly ban private vehciles and autowallas to park at these places.
Any thoughts, welcome!