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    Are Bangaloreans ready to pay Toll Taxes to be imposed by Government?

    Hi Bangaloreans,

    Government has found a new way of earning money by imposing Toll Taxes on the infrastructure development that they are doing in the city.

  • It was first the every passenger needs to UDF charges for making use of BIAL Airport which is no where charged across the country,

  • We pay the highest cost of petrol and diesel per litre in the country when compared to other cities in the ocuntry.

  • We pay more taxes which are imposed by the Government, stating these are used for the development of the infrastructure in the city.

  • The infrastructure takes its own to time to come up, the project which needs to be complete in 1 year is completed in 3-4 years. Ex. Puttenahalli underpass which is yet to go public. It started way back in 2008 and still under construction.

  • Toll Taxes which was not present on the Airport entrance is now going to be opened when the respective Toll authority saw there many number of vehicles approx (20000) going to airport daily, so they moved the toll gate before the entrance of Airport. Is this viable?

  • These were Government has incurred losses and now to redeem those losses Bangalore citizens needs to Toll Taxes for making use of the Roads.

    The question to discuss here: Is this really justifiable, being the inflation, price hike buzz going around, now Government want to introduce Toll Taxes on the certain important road which has major traffic outflow?

    Discuss and provide your suggestion, best suggestion will win lots of goodies
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    As a citizen we all have the duty to see that we all get the best infrastructure.
    I have no problem paying a toll for something which I use or intend to use. We should be practical.
    This is justifiable so long as the government intend to use this tool of toll to recover the amount spent on infrastructure and then stop it. But it is seen in India that the tolls extend endlessly.

    By saying this, the toll near the BIAL is not welcome. Just because, the toll is used as a earning machine not as to recover costs.
    Further, The toll on ORR is Ok but after it is complete. there are vast stretches of this road which are still less than two line.
    The toll is OK if the road is able to absorb the traffic.

    One more menace the toll booths create is the traffic jam near the collection centers. this should not be that you wait near the toll collection center for 45 min for traveling 30 min on the road. this increases your effective travel time.
    This is already happening at the Nelamangala toll booth. The authorities should take care of this aspect too.

    Further, the other issues of infrastructure taking long time is inherent to India not only Bangalore.This is a rotten system and the contractor who pays the babus is the king. as a common man we have no say on this.


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