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    What is your Sun Sign or New Rashee? Ophiuchusian

    There 13th Star been discovered in the Universe which was always present in the Galaxy but never considered by Astrologer or Astronomy as an important star.

    Now after a recent claimed by Parke Kunkle astronomy professor in Minnesota US has claimed that there is 13th star called Ophiuchus

    This would mean that all the Sun Sign that you had been following will change now with Sagittarius joining the new star called Ophiuchus. The main reason for not considering this as star was the sun stay in this star only for 18 days.

    With new star discovered the new Sun Sign date are as follows:

    New Zodiac Sign Chart

  • Capricorn - Jan 20 - Feb 16
  • Aquarius - Feb 16 - March 11
  • Pisces - March 11- April 18
  • Aries - April 18 - May 13
  • Taurus - May 13 - June 21
  • Gemini - June 21 - July 20
  • Cancer - July 20 - Aug 10
  • Leo - Aug 10 - Sept 16
  • Virgo - Sept 16 - Oct 30
  • Libra - Oct 30 - Nov 23
  • Scorpio - Nov 23 - Nov 29
  • Ophiuchus - Nov 20 - Dec 17
  • OSagittarius - Dec 17 - Jan 20.

  • The New Sun Sign image :

    I am belong to new Zodiac Sign called Ophiuchus

    Which star do you belong now

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    What does new Sun Sign mean? Ophiuchusian

    Those born between Nov 29 - Dec 17 will belong to the new star and those born after Dec 17 will move Sagittarius.

    Now what are the qualities of the new Sun Sign.

    Ophiuchusian are said to be honest, intellectual,sexually magentic, and prone to change also jealous. They require special attention to understand.

    More to come... Keep a check


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    Both interesting & strange to have a new Zodiac sign!

    Interesting because of the discovery of a new sign. Strange because now what happens to all those traits & characteristics that were supposedly part our personality as per our Zodiac sign?! For example, Virgoans are said to be the most dependable employees, very neat individuals, etc. So now if they are Leos, these traits are no longer applicable to them or what?!!


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