They do not hire leaders any more!!!!

I want to be successful! So does all others, I know. I was hired in this company a few years back. This is my 4th one…..I enjoyed the life of a 'butterfly'……and moved on from one company to other in a matter of years. I was looking for the right firm for me to grow. At the same time I was learning too. Learning all about management… and out of what is going on inside the big corporate giants. I was sorta atoned on what I found.
The days of businessmen who talked of golf all morning at the office and business all afternoon in the golf course are over. Now the business need real leaders, who can lead the organization towards top position and keep it there. The leaders are the real assets of any corporate; no body wants to lose them. But one day or other the heads will have to roll. That's inevitable. But that shouldn't be nothing more than a column in the biz page of a daily. The investors or the public should not panic. The growth rates aught to go on as it always did. The big successful corporate have come up with a remedy, a proven strategy for this – Succession management. They do not hire leaders any more; instead they develop them.
Succession management is a proactive approach that ensures continuing leadership by cultivating talent from within the organization, through planned development activities. Today, succession planning is an essential part of doing business, no matter how secure your future appears or how profitable your revenues are. Most companies today use succession management to boost leadership performance, increase revenue, and reduce the time and cost of filling leadership positions.

I found all these valuable info and more in and have made my strategy for my future. Now I know better than to switch companies every year. I know way towards success and I am on the right track. No need to look for the greener ones, my friends. Just grow up. Just grow into your boss's shoes before he moves on. And make sure they know it. This is so simple! Good luck!