My trouble,! "Sleep Apnea”

I am a musician. I practice my music every day; every night to be precise. I am just kidding, my friends. It's sheet music, but my not-so-happy husband calls it snoring. He had been complaining about it since the day we came back from our honeymoon. It's been a couple of decades now with my sheet music and his complaints…still… was fun.

But recently I noticed a few other things happening to me….that's all expected at this age…but still I thought it's a bit early in my case. It started with forgetting my multi-vitamin tablet and then some other routine things I did almost everyday. I was not feeling very well during office hours…..and it's hard to concentrate in just anything……in a piece of paper on my desk or what my boss was telling me or even on the road while driving back home!:( This scared me and I sorta opened my eyes…to see what the heck is wrong with me.

My hubby really paid attention to my trouble and he said just one single thing – Sleep Apnea. I hadn't heard of it…but I decided to Google it. Then I hit this page that had all the answers to my queries and a lot more.

Studies have revealed that close to five per cent of the Indian adult population suffers from it. Sleep apnea occurs when you stop breathing during sleep. The condition is commonly characterized by loud snoring and daytime tiredness.

Just a few changes in my lifestyle and some pieces of advise to quit sleeping pills etc. That's it! I could feel the difference in me. It almost saved my life! Then I realized some of my friends too have the same problem and I suggested them to follow my steps. They did and now they want me to share this with the whole world…so I am doing it now. Make your life a lot more comfortable!