Eminent personaity for ur home decor

Living room is a lot more than just a place to wait for your spouse to bring back the car. It is the real 'living room'. You live almost half of your home-life in it. So does your guests and visitors. Although the television has intruded it decades back and stayed there ever since, we still have some space left in it. And we'd like to have it done in our way. The living is where the creativity of an interior designer is tested. We judge them by their works; especially the living rooms they have designed earlier. Ms Aanchal Yogesh, the proprietor and interior designer of the Inner Space says she loves to design the living room. Though different rooms offer different challenges, the living room is the one room where she can be most creative. http://www.transteel.com/blog/?p=218 She believes that contemporary design with a minimalist approach combined with few intricate pieces rarely goes wrong.

Interior designer is the one who does things to your home he/she wouldn't dream of doing it to his own. But Ms Aanchal Yogesh is right to say that the house should reflect the character of the people living in it, and not the person designing it.