My dream come true from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bhaskaran Subramaniam
Proprietor and Designer, Axis Design.

I bought a small plot close to my work place and was looking for the best person to build 'My space'. That's what I wanted to name it. The hunt for such a personality that suits my requirements for an architect led me to this gentleman. Met and had a chat with him in his office. I realized that my dream will come true through him.

Isn't just great to start a day with a half –an-hour walk? Absorbing all the energy and freshness the nature provides and lighting up the creativity in you. Drawing brainwave from the Mother Nature to utilize the space maximum without hurting her! Nature is blessed with a great sense of proportion, which can be translated into any design. Any architect with some creativity and a good sense of light and colors can learn a lot from it. This knowledge will help him or her create the most comfortable spaces; comfortable for us and the Nature.

His dream house would be a tiny little, neat-and-tidy house, situated in a vast expanse of land, which is located in a peaceful vicinity. The house would be more in tune with nature, made of natural or recyclable material, with open-to-sky spaces.
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Bangalore is the best place to be on earth. It has a unique charm, and though it is evolving into a cluttered city, I hope it retains the old charm with the new. His words…and mine too.