How much should the corporator's be paid as salary?

My Dear Bangaloreans,
You all know that money is the most essential commodity and of all the persons, the so called politicians need it most. They would have spent a lot of money to get elected as corporators and they would want to get their money back as early as possible. No wonder, they have several projects, from where they can get good money. They invariably make lots and lots of money, whether you give them a salary or not. Show me one non-corrupt politician and I shall be your servant for life. All politicians in our country,India, are very corrupt and whatever salary or perks they get from their office is not even a day's pocket money for them. If you don't pay them anything, at least that much amount will remain with the Government.
We should only be thinking of ways to avoid electing more and more politicians. If the administrative officers are good and capable people, we can do away from all these petty politicians.
Jai hind.