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    Grow more trees

    Bangalore is known for its beautiful gardens , hence popularly known as 'The Garden City of India'.It has a great history of garden development from the time of Hyder Ali. Large trees and rich plant wealth kept Bangalore cool which attracted large number of people , visitors and tourists throughout the globe. Due to its rich and suitable climate, large companies are eager to invest in Bangalore. In present situation, we can observe lot of software companies in each and every corner of Bangalore. There is a massive inflow of people to Bangalore from rural areas. The large scale investment in Bangalore and high revenue to the government made our political gurus to take steps on infrastructure development including opening of International airport at Devanahalli , Bangalore and road development. As the city is growing bigger and bigger ,the greenery is fading and the agricultural lands are disapperaing.

    The massive deforestation is playing a lead role in increasing the temperature and also causing large scale pollution. There are very less trees left to purify the atmosphere and make it cool. For example, we can feel the difference in climate when we enter in to large Lalbagh gardens from the city area filled with traffic. That is the only garden with approximately 240 acres remaining to keep the city air conditioned. The large scale pollution is causing various respiratory diseases and many serious disorders.

    Bangalore development is obviously needed , but not with the cost of cutting trees. Immediate steps has to be taken by the government to plant more and more trees where ever space is available. The city planning is most important in this cause. Proper breathing space has to be created while planning the city. Presently we can observe the buildings are built adjacently with out leaving any space between and killing all those trees in between. Even a small inch of land between buildings is not left for growing plant wealth. If it continues, there will be large scale destruction of trees which may lead to temperature increase due to pollution. The greenhouse effect caused by this process may lead to many climatic variations. The groundwater resources will deplete and it will cause scarcity in supplying waters to crores of population.

    There is a immediate necessity to concentrate on mother nature. Each and every citizen has to march a campaign to make the city cleaner, greener and healthier. The participation and active involvement of each and every citizen now will really open the doors to our next generation to survive peacefully in the great city of Bangalore.
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    Hi Karthik,

    I accept your views on growing trees. As many are well aware, Bengaluru is popularly known as garden city. This is because one can find many tress in Bangaluru in most of the places. Lalbhag in Bangalore is one of the tourist places which one cannot forget. It is a large acre of land filled with large number of plants and trees, beautifully carved gardens and ponds. There is also a lake in Lalbagh and one can wonder how it would be possible to maintain that place.

    Each one of us should strongly feel that we have to plant more trees and avoid destruction of trees. The environment consiousness is fast developing and in many of the e-mails, it is stated not to print papers unless it is necessary as each paper manufactured leads to destruction of many trees. This awareness is actually very informative and lead to unnecessary wastage of papers and indirectly saves trees.


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