An interactive device to keep students engaged after school

Good news for parents looking for an interactive tool to keep children engaged after school hours.

Edutor Technologies, a Hyderabad-based company working on learning technologies, unveiled Edutor Advantage, a first of its kind handheld interactive learning device, for students from Std. III to X. The touch screen device comes with a preloaded, class-specific, curriculum-aligned content that is easy for students to understand.

Equipped with audio, video and animated content, the device offers course material in Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and English, while it offers basics on cricket, yoga and karate, spoken English content and Wikipedia on the extra-curricular activities front.

Practice tests

Students could opt for self-assessment with inbuilt practice tests and questions so that they could take corrective actions.

Edutor Advantage, according to its developers, is tailor-made to suit the students' requirements and will not allow distraction as it does not require any Internet connectivity. The instrument has been designed in such a way that it will not allow hosting any other material except the custom-built solution developed by the company.

The handheld instrument is priced at Rs.5,845, and the content will cost another Rs.1,635. The company will update the content every year in line with the changes in the education curriculum and students can upgrade the content as they enter higher classes.

The device is now aligned with the CBSE's new continuous comprehensive education initiative.

The company is planning to release a similar solution for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and SSC in the coming months.

Nationwide launch

The device, launched in the Hyderabad market by the company's Chief Executive Officer, Ram Gollamudi, is available in leading bookstores such as Landmark and Himalaya Book Stores.

The company plans to launch the product across the country in phases after studying the response and making improvements wherever necessary.