Things to remember while collecting Art and Paintings

Things to remember while collecting an Art

--> All the expensive arts are not necessarily the best art and nobody can guess which is the perfect one. Keep your eyes open and try to know the lesser known artists who are very good at art;

--> While going through different styles of art, look for the artists whom you like the most, whose works have something in common like color, composition, style or subject;

--> Visit museums, browse the Net, libraries, read books, attend lectures, attend appreciation courses, meet art collectors, share their knowledge, constantly look at art and improve your eye;

--> Buy two to three art works initially and take your time to find the art which you like and educate yourself about it, so that you can gain expertise in that category.

--> Be sure that you want to be an art collector, then only you will love to buy art. Simply buying an art with no interest does not qualify you as a connoisseur.

--> Maintain a good relationship with the dealer, so that you can get advise from him, who can bid for you at auctions and who will get to know when good works are available;

--> Better to work with a professional art consultant so that you can have good idea, since the contemporary art world is intimidating, confusing, and incredibly self-important. The consultant will guide you while purchasing an art, because you will get very little information only about the artist on visiting a gallery.