Ways to keep your brain and heart healthy

Ways to keep your brain and heart healthy:

Genes and chance play an important role in memory loss, brain tumors, strokes and other brain disorders, to the brain, so it is better to follow simple precautions and activities that help in keeping the mind shart and brain healthy. Following are some of the ways to reduce the risk of both diseases and injury to the brain.

--> Wear helmet, while riding and while playing sports, applicable both for adults and kids,

--> Learn the symptoms of concussion, and take head injuries seriously

--> Always watch the cholesterol level,

--> Control blood pressure,

--> Do some brain and heart exercise, like playing puzzles and games, reading, learning languages or knitting,

--> Take nutritious diet like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and high-quality protein,

--> Avoid alcohol or drink in moderation,

--> Avoid smoking,

--> Get adequate sleep,

--> Counter stress through relaxation, meditation or exercise,

--> While using cellphones, use speaker function or headset, since the radio frequency waves from cell phones increase the risk of brain tumors.