Walking reduces the risk of many diseases

Walking reduces the risk of many diseases

Walking is really good for the health. It has been revealed from a recent study that walking for about 30 minutes a day will reduce the risk of death from colon cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other cancers. It can even be beneficial after cancer diagnosis. A recent research proved that people who exercised consistently for atleast 10 years showed the lowest risk of colon cancer death.

Walking regularly will help in losing the weight and primarily from the abdominal area. Walking can both melt off abdominal fat and help reduce the risk of diseases linked to abdominal fat. Walking is simple, easy, and safe. It helps in burning calories and tuning up the cardiovascular system.

If you are new to the walking program, start the first week with 20 minutes, do three times a week. Then increase the time to 30 minutes. If you feel more energetic and fit, increase the timings.

Tips for safe walking:
--> Wear sturdy athletic shoes,
--> keep your head level as you walk, look straight ahead,
--> bend your elbows at about 90-degree angle and keep them close to your sides,
--> swing your arms back and forth while walking,
--> let your heel strike the ground, then roll the heel to the ball of your foot for more momentum,
--> take long smooth strides, walk briskly,
--> breathe deeply and naturally as you walk.

So it is advisable to go for atleast 30-minute walk every day, to reduce the risk of a number of diseases. Its never too late but it is also never too early to start being active.