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    CM Yeddyurappa completes 3 years in Office - Your Views and Comments Win Cash Credits

    The first BJP Government in South India was formed in Karnataka under the leadership of Yeddyurappa

    This Government has seen many ups and down during its regime in last 3 years, with almost re-election to be taken place in the year 2010, where after the disqualification of 11 MLA, Yeddyurappa Government was able to display its strength for no-confidence motion.

    Then the Government was haunted by Land acquistion issue, where CM has to return some of its land back to the BBMP. With just complete out of one issue, Governor HR Bharadwaj, issue popped up with Supreme Court rejecting the decision issued by High Court for 11 MLA.

    This Government is always surrounded with one or other issue, with the latest being Appointment of Reddy's Brothers as minister in the cabinet, which has raised question in BJP House.

    These are some of the issue: What do you think has Government kept his word for development that promised during election

    Would the Government Continue for next 2 years.

    Write your comments and resource posting on views that you have on the Government

    The best view and resource will earn Cash Credits
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    According to me in all probability Mr.Yedyurappa will complete his term of 5 years as Chief Minister.

    He is the strongest Chief Minister whenever his seat becomes shaky but very weak when it comes to developmental activities and it is evident with the downtrend developmental activities happened in Bangalore particularly in his regime.

    Karnataka have never witnessed such a bunch of scams in its history and whenever a hue and cry witnessed from the opposition he came strongly by exploiting the weakness of the opposition parties.

    But under any circumstances he will complete his terms as he has the blessings of his bosses and the strength in the form of opposition parties' weakness.

    We have read a small story in our childhood about how to shorten a line without erasing it and the solution was very simple when one draws a bigger line beneath the line to make a small or to shorten.

    The relevance of the story we can refer as the initial small line was scam happened in his regime and it become much smaller by placing a bigger scam made by either the opposition party or by the central government, one need to appreciate him particularly in this aspect.

    There is not much to say about the development activities apart from the development of family members and other ministers in the present ruling party.

    Any other Chief Minister would have resigned on Supreme Court's verdict about the disqualification of BJP MLA's in Karnataka, but he has not done so, and again the public become fools by expecting morality from the not so moral government.

    Somehow the three years have gone with the present government, but the wrong doings are more than the right doings, the real truth is known by the present government as no other alternative leader available who can mobilize or strengthen the party further, this has been cleverly exploited.

    Ultimately to say the present government under Mr.Yedyurappa has not fulfilled not a single promise made when he come to power but our anticipation were more when he become Chief Minister.


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    He will complete his tenure as a CM but he may not win a second term, that's my guess.

    During his tenure, all the temples and astrolegers have progressed. The TRP rates airing Astrology and numerology in local TV channels have boomed:-)

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