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    Save Trees Save Bengaluru - Write your views and earn prizes

    Every person in Bengaluru city is today responsible for the change of weather in the city, which was known for its best weather across the country.

    Now we are feeling the summer and also a quite change of the weather. With many infrastructure projects on their way in order to get the best infrastructure, ease traffic movement in the city.

    We can see all over the city many new flyovers, underpass and namma metro constructions going on. These has all led in cutting down of trees and also change of the weather to some extents. We have also lost certain trees in parks, now it was time for the Sankey Tank Road to be hit

    BBMP has decided to cut down 19 trees on the Sankey Tank Road in order to ease the traffic movement in the locality. However, the trees which are marked for cut are about 150 years old, and sold at very lower price then expected.

    Now we as citizens of Bengaluru need to fight back and see if the cutting down of trees will help on ease of traffic congestion with the way the infrastructure project are proceeding in the city.

    Just compare the longest sea link bridge in China which is approx 40 kms built in 5 years and 2 kms road stretch be flyover or underpass takes years to be build in the city.

    Let join and

    Save Trees and Save Bengaluru

    To know more Sankey Tank Road - Trees Cut down
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    Trees are in a way embodiment of the nature, cutting down the trees is cutting down ones own life, nobody is inclined to suffer or else makes other to suffer.

    As Webmaster said we Bangaloreans are already facing the heat for the sin we have already committed in the name of the infrastructure what we have seen all these days, let us stop at least now to save Bangalore at least in the map.

    Once we were proud to say we live in the green city and garden city, the words green city and garden city soon going to become a past words for no sin of ours.

    The widening of the road is indeed required but not at the cost of uprooting the trees, one way few make sampling of trees and in other way others uproot the well built and established trees which we still consider as mother nature.

    But luckily, the honourable court of Karnataka has stayed the uprooting of further trees in the name of the infrastructure but we are not completely lucky as the court's instructions will be in existence till its hearing but they too have opined the broadening of the road is indeed required.

    Whom we have to blame for such a hapazard and unplanned traffic woes in Bangalore for which the road broadening is required, is it due to development of IT and BT which has attracted lots and lots of people to migrate to Bangalore for worksake?

    It is to be seen whether Bangalore will witness summer for few months in a year or throughout the year, if it happens only god can save our future generation.

    I am proud to be called as a Bangalorean with much pride, kindly allow us to think in that way for many more years to come, let us save Bangalore at least now to say how it was to our future generation, if not we may have to live with our old nostalgia.


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    Blaming will never end. Lets start to do things by ourselves. Rather than buying costly gifts or gold, plant a seed on birthdays of you and loved ones. So that there are more trees.
    In each community, start producing biogas from left over foods. It keeps planet a little healthier.


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    Cutting of trees is not the solution to mitigate traffic movement.
    the onus lies on each and every citizen who uses personal vehicles as a mode of transport. It is a relative chain of things. Individuals, BBMP officials, traffic policemen and public works department and not to mention the autorickshaws. Bringing stricter regulations of autoricksha movemement, private mini cabs, and other private cabs operated by corporate companies... It is a collective effort of all these people to streamline and regulate traffic movement. We just cannot focus only on the BBMPS. The onus also lies on those working community to streamline the kind of transport we use to commute. We can save nature and restrict the regular cutting of trees if we take little steps in bring some regulations in the traffic movement.

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