Autorickshaw to go on Strike on July 22

Do not be surprised if you do not get to board a autorickshaw, on July 22.

The Autorickshaw union has decided to go strike on July 22, against the decision taken by the Government to issue more 40,000 auto permits in the city.

Currently Bengaluru has about 1,00,000 auto rickshaw on the road and more 40,000 addition to the strenght.

With we citizens fighting for the save the trees and make the city pollution free, free movement of traffic across the roads.

With addition of 40,000 more auto in the city, it may lead to more traffic congestion, slow movement of traffic and may be it may also lead to cut down of trees for road widening.

Be prepared and make arrangements for the July 22 to travel by BMTC transport or hire car.