Home Remedies for Tooth

Home Remedies for Tooth Ache:

• Ice pack/cube is an excellent remedy for suppressing pain. Pack ice cube in some cotton cloth and then apply on affected tooth, it will take few minutes to calm down.
• Clove has analgesic properties. Apply clove oil or place clove near the affected tooth to reduce pain.
• Oregano has antibiotic properties. Apply oregano oil on the affected tooth to drain abscess. Hence after it will reduce pain.
• Pour few drops of vanilla extract on the tooth, in few minutes pain will reduce.

Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening:

• Eating apple regularly removes yellow satins from teeth.

• Soda bicarbonate is another whitening agent which is known for its bleaching properties. It is easily available in every kitchen; apply it on the toothbrush to remove stains. Prolonged use of soda bicarbonate makes teeth white.

• Lemon is also used for teeth whitening. Rubbing lemon peel on teeth removes stain ,but prolonged used can even makes teeth sensitive because of citric acid.