Procedure to check the status of domestic LPG connection and to update the RR number

In this blog, I will be explaining the procedure to check the status of your Domestic LPG, whether suspended or continued, with respect to the recent attempt from the Government of Karnataka, to eliminate the illegal use of domestic LPG and use of multiple connections from the same house.

Only one LPG cylinder needs to be booked for one home, if there are more than one use of domestic cylinders, then all the connections will be suspended.

To check the current status of your domestic LPG connection, you need to open the

From here, you need to click the link present at the middle of the page reading, "click here to verify your LPG/Ration card status and to update RR number etc"
You will be directed to a new web page which has five boxes. In order to check whether your connection is suspended or continued, you need to click the first box.

A new page is opened, you need to enter your corresponding company of your LPG connection(Indane, Bharat or Hindustan), your city, your local distributor name and very importantly is your consumer number.
The result will be displayed in the next page whether it is suspended or continued.

If if shows, that it has been suspended due to some reasons mentioned, like invalid ration card, RR number mismatch or absent etc. then go back to main website, ie, and click the moving note as already mentioned earlier. Then in order to validate your suspended connection, you need to click the third box which reads "Enter upload Escom/RR number details for your LPG connection.

You will be directed to a new page in which you need to enter some information and upload your scanned copies of Ration card, Escom bill and LPG bill. An important step here is to enter the correct RR number of your electric meter.

After entering the security code as shown, click submit button and wait for the system to produce an acknowledgement form with your acknowledgement number. Note down the number.

After 3-4 days you can come back and check the status by clicking the fifth box as shown in the first picture above.

If everything goes fine, then your company will provide a re-connection through your local distributor.