Jogayya Kannada Movie Review


2006 August was 'Jogi' and 2011 August is 'Jogaiah' – the mother sentiment in the memory of Mahadeva – Protagonist Shivarajakumar is intact. It is shown via bangles. Otherwise the emergence of Jogaiah - free after arrest on his way to Dubai is a vicious clash of politicians, police and underworld in a nutshell.

Mahadeva released from the clutches of legal hassles says 'Bangalore belongs to him'. He rules the underworld because already his name has been used by the existing underworld. The ruling government seeks the support of underworld but Jogaiah stands apart.

Why Jogaiah remains away is very clear. He is not happy with the government. Lot of deals the politicians make with underworld now comes under the net of Jogaiah.

The cable, construction, Gold, Travel, club and international mafia is under the control of Jogaiah. Jogaiah has the strong weakness too. He melts down when a mother ask for the life of her son. In one of the cases Jogaiah is looking for the head of Appanna but his mother begs for her son life.

The rule of Jogaiah is uncontrollable and he is the kingpin. Finally his own men send him to an isolated place where he receives severe injuries. To the surprise of everyone Jogaiah recovers. Now the people are in complete support to Jogaiah because they are fed up of the government. Jogaiah says he does not want to become a leader. He recalls the statement of his mother 'Live from your work but not from corrupt practice'. Each one is a leader and then only good governance is possible. Permit me to live like an ordinary citizen addresses Jogaiah.

Jogaiah has a waiting Vidhya who has discarded her marriage on the marriage day and came looking for him. That is the reunion of Jogaiah and Vidhya, curtains down.


The magnum opus of director Prem, 100th film of Shivarajakumar is good in parts. The single emotion of Jogaiah is what most astonishing point from director Prem.Jogaiah is always cool and composed and the lively aspects are found only in the village portions of the film where Jogaiah works in the cowshed.

Director Prem has done what superstar Upendra's film 'Super' attempted – giving power to the people. The handling the current day politics is what Upendra has also done it in 'Super'. Upendra has shown resort politics of the ruling BJP government and opposition.

In this 'Jogaiah' director Prem brings in look like characters for BS.Yediyurappa (former chief minister) HD.Kumaraswamy, Reddy brothers is brought here as Naidu brothers.Bringing politics, soaking it with underworld and not giving power to the police precisely director has showed that he is confused. The concrete step from the protagonist is not clear. Whereas Upendra in 'Super' has showed how Indian will be at 2030.

Director Prem has not brought in enough comedy and not showed the superstar Shivarajakumar in the acceptable format. The designing and schemes of underworld – there is nothing unusual.Throughout the film where was the need to show Shivarajakumar in rugged looks or in sorrow mood. A hero should not be an underdog in the commercial format of cinema.The using of tricks in the screenplay would have avoided the main drawback of the film.

The first half is not a lively and kicking one for the audience. That is made tolerable because of three songs. In the second half the feast of underworld is given for the front benchers. In one of the killing spree Jogaiah hold the long sharp edge weapon more than dozen people are killed. In the song with historical looks for the protagonist the heads roll and killing is barbaric.

There is only struggle in this film but not the substance. The rocking hero of Kannada cinema Shivarajakumar even today is not properly made use by director Prem.As a matter of fact the questionable aspect Legend of Underworld…as the caption – protagonist comes down praying in front of the people that he wants to live like ordinary citizen.

For the legend of underworld it is not just enough if he is shown as a killing agent. The significant moves without killing is what expected and this part of intelligence would have brought some shine to the character of Shivarajakumar too.


Shivarajakumar is emotional best once again. Shivarajakumar as century star from this film carries the film on his shoulders but he should have taken care on his looks and costumes. Throughout the film with beard, long hair passing on sorrow looks – lively only in songs and dance is not a fitting selection for his 100th film. Pooja Gandhi has a short presence that is not convincing.

In the real life – Kannada filmdom Shivarajakumar is asked to take the leadership. He has been telling it is not for him. That shown in the film too.

The mismatch is Sumit Kaur Atwal. She looks very ordinary and the dubbing artist has helped her to some extent. Navya, Gururaja Hoskote, Punga remain in the memory. There are a few artists who just come and go.


The film stands and lives mainly because of V Harikrishna music. The interest director Prem has taken in showcasing his songs in the film, he has not shown on his screenplay and some tricky elements required badly for the film.

V Harikrishna songs are on top of the chart. Kempegowdra Urallli…..Odolo…..Kuri Kolinu Shanivasa Somwara….Kuyyangilla…..Jogaiah title track are splendid.

Cameraman Nandakumar MU has struggled hard. The editing, special effects, graphics are superb in the song portions. In the light and dark handling Nandakumar has shown he is a competent craftsman.

Last but not the Least – Underworld gives life only in underworld!

Jogaiah Movie Review Rating: 3/5

Cast:Shivarajakumar,Sumit Kaur Atwal,Ravishanker, Navya,Pooja Gandhi,Punga,Chandru,Praveen,B.Ganapathi,Gururaja Hoskote, Hanumanthe Gowda,RGV and others.
Producers:Rakshita and Prem