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    Will Namma Metro solve Bengaluru Traffic Problems? Give your opinion

    With Namma Metro working going on full swing in the city and grand opening on board for the first Namma Metro Station from M G Road to Byapanahalli on Oct 20th, 2011.

    As citizens of Bangalore or Bengaluru, do you think this will help Government or citizens to resolve the traffic problems that we face each day.

    With many other projects in inline with Namma Metro, do you think by the time these projects are complete will serve the purpose they have been constructed.

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    Hi Nithin,

    Good to hear that namma metro is all geared to start from October 20 2011. But few people or rather should i say majority would feel this would ease the traffic movement... but i am little apprehensive of this.

    It may ease the traffic movement partially and not completely. It all depends on the individual to choose which mode of transport. The onus lies on the authorities who manage and run this namma metro rail. They should ensure large masses of people utiilze this service.

    Again there is a catch here, if the traffic movement eases, people would still have the tendency to have their own vehicles and now that affordability is just a click of a button, you would find more personal vehicles on the street. And there are those who are so accustomed to use a rickshaw and they feel it is more convinient to hire an auto than a metro. It is too early to come to a conclusion on the effectiveness of namma metrol utilization.

    That way if you see, BMTC is most largest public transport service, yet its service is not fully utilized because of the callaous nature of the management, bus drivers/conductors, support staff etc.

    Last but not the least, the individual role plays a major part. Unless the government brings an order to use either public transport or metro rail, people would continue to use their personal vehicles as a mode of transport. If Bangalore has to be like Singapore, it needs to adapt some of the civic rules too. I may be wrong, but i do understand that personal vehicles are not allowed at all times.

    We need to bring some discipline amongst ourselves, the goverment cannot be sitting at the back door and watching... granting licenses to these projects is not the end of their job, they should adopt in some traffic policies to streamline the traffic movement. It is a collective effort and solely on a single individual or management.

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    As the respondent said the public awareness plays a vital part in the development of any government measures, one such measure is Namma Metro.

    I don't think it is necessary to compare the services with other metros, as the basic need for introducing this elevated system is to dilute the congested traffic for which Namma Bengaluru is famous for.

    Namma Metro will certainly ease out the traffic congestion once it starts functioning in full speed.

    Namma Metro is a dream project not only for government but for public too as they have fed with the increasing traffic woes day by day.

    In my view the traffic till date should have been avoided with a clear cut policy by curbing the release of new vehicles on the road but up to certain extent the two wheelers are necessary but not four wheelers.

    Namma Metro service is still in infant stage let us watch and wait for its growth once it starts functioning in all its routes as announced earlier.

    But one things is sure Namma Metro will certainly ease out the density of traffic one fine day, let us wait for that auspicious day.

    Improvement in infrastructure with the advent of Namma Metro will also help negatively in increase in the land prices as the improvement of infrastructure in the form of transportation will attract more industries as the Namma Metro decreases the transit time between point of residence to place of work.

    Bangalore is already known for its density of population further inflow will certainly affect the common man as the Economics says less supply will push the prices.

    In that sense Namma Metro brings though not completely positive aspects but also few negative aspects as mentioned above.


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    If you have been noticing the Namma Metro chugged off the streets on a highraised platfrom, it makes you a proud bangalorean but the sad story is that the train has not really been running in it's full capacity and is said to incurr more than 2lakh loss every day!

    Indiranagar residents will be happy as they can reach the Mahatma Gandhi road in short time along with their byappanahalli citizens. But people from KR puram haave to wait till 2015 for thier connectivity or may be I am wrong. Who knows there are miles go before one sleeps!!!

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