Powerful shock for consumers from Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission

Just two days all news channels in TV were beaming no hike in power tariffs at least for a month, where those words have gone?

Kudos to KERC / Bescom for not keeping their words beyond 48 hours.

Within 48 hours Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission the nodal maintaining body have hiked the power tariffs at an average of 29.75 paise per unit.

At an average those who used to pay Rs.707 earlier for consuming 200 units maximum have to shell out Rs.754 now.

Earlier one used to pay Rs.2.10 per unit for first slab of 30 units now it is Rs.2.20, for the second slab of 30-70 units tariff hiked from 3.20 to 3.40, third slab of from 100-200 units consumption it was Rs.4.20 now it is 4.50 and above 200 units consumption the per unit cost hiked from 5.00 to 5.50, overall an average hike of 30 paise per unit.

In spite this huge tariff hike ESCOMS have defended the hike to say it is a too little hike compared to what they have asked for.

Even though there is a hike in price the quality of power supply is dismal in many areas,

It is really a perfect Diwali gift for electricity consumers.