Traffic Diversion update for New Year

With new year in few hours to go, the Traffic Department of Bangalore has issued certain guidelines good to know information for all the citizens of the Bangalore.

This has been good move by Traffic department to let know where to park, no parking zones and steps to be taken if you are not in position to drive back home.

Government has taken all major steps to Welcome the New Year 2012

1) Metro will ply till 2:00 am for all citizens.

2) 16,000+ cabs will be available on call for all citizens who think are drunk enough and cannot drive back home.

3) BMTC has also extended it operation of Buses to ply till 1 am in the night.

Lets make this new year memorable for both Government and Ourselves, by keeping the city clean. Large dustbins have placed across MG and Brigade Road for the liquor to be thrown in.

For more details on Traffic Diversion in Bengaluru City