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    Certain sections should be added

    Dear Webmaster,
    It is good thing that mybengaluru contains articles, posts, etc related to Bengaluru(Bangalore). It is totally devoted to Bangalore.

    But, here I would like to suggest that there should be a genral 'Article and knowledge Sharing' section in which good posts can be published related to specified topics and related to any state(India) or country under given sub-sections. Just like ISC's 'Article and Knowledge Sharing' section.

    This will popularise the mybengaluru, certainly. And new members from different states join this site.

    Thank you!
    Ashish kumar choudhary(now, Gautam kumar jha)
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    Hi Gautam,
    This Idea is nice. But this site is totally dedicated to the Bangalore City. There is no harm to allow posting resources related to outside Bangalore but Members will take it differently. They will start posting topics that are not related to Bangalore city. Although they are doing good job to bring more traffic but doing this will not fulfill our aim of opening this website.
    So,Try to post articles related to Bangalore City . You can post about any place,parks,events and other thing.

    Thank You.

    Pankaj Gupta
    Gold Member of MyBengaluru

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    Hi Gautam,

    We welcome articles which are related to knowledge sharing and help any member be from Bangalore, or other city.

    As the knowledge is not limited to certain city. You can post articles self written articles in the resource section.

    The other section BD, Jobs, Classified need to have post have which are related to the Bengaluru city.

    This does not mean that you can make post which you have already posted in the other website and doing a copy paste for the content.

    That resource will be rejected.

    I think this has answered your question Let me know if you need any further information.


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    Dear webmaster
    Thank you for your feedback/advice. I will do as you advice.

    Here I want to inform you that I have changed my name from Ashish kumar choudhary to Gautam kumar jha and e-mail id. I have posted a article related to this topic in the fourm.

    Is there any problem related to this?

    Thank you!
    Ashish kumar choudhary(now Gautan kumar jha)

    With regards!

    Gautam kumar jha
    Active Member,

    Quote for life: "Everything Happens for the Good."

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    Hi Gautam,

    You can update any name you would like.. We will no issue for it.

    Instead of displaying both the name you can just display one name. The issue will arise only if there are any legalities involved.


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    Hi Gautam,

    As the webmaster says, I think it is right to post resources concerning Bangalore only as the name of this website indicates Mybengaluru. It is not right and absurd if the postings are concerning other places and posted in Bangalore website.

    This is purely of Bangalore area and I think it is apt to post contents only about Bangalore.

    Best regards,

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    Hello gautam jha. We Definately impliment many section in feature. Please contribute actively.

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