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Do you Support Baba Ramdev Movement against Corruption? (4 votes)Nitin04 Jun 2011
Will Yeddyurappa complete 5 years in office? (4 votes)Deepa29 May 2011
Who will win the IPL T 20 for the Year 2011 (2 votes)BR Prakash23 Apr 2011
No Bikes for Boys in College - VTU decision - Your Opinion (0 votes)Sonam07 Jul 2010
Is it really valid to increase in KSRTC and BMTC Bus Fares and pass the burden to common man (1 votes)Deepa27 Jun 2010
Namma Metro rail in Bangalore will have covered 40 Kms around Bangalore by 2015, is this possible? (0 votes)Shekar Rajamani26 Nov 2011
What will be the steps to highlight bhatkal and murudheswar into national tourism map? (3 votes)rwitban nag30 Aug 2011
Can the congress will deliever better governance in karnataka? (3 votes)rwitban nag30 Aug 2011
BTMC hike justified (1 votes)deepika29 Jun 2011
While at home, ladies feel comfortable with what dress? (1 votes)maha11 Apr 2011
Nowadays which is better and money consuming and safer?! (1 votes)maha11 Apr 2011
What will you do during the summer vacation?! (0 votes)maha21 Mar 2011
What are you planning to do this summer holidays? (1 votes)Ahmed16 Mar 2011
In Bengaluru - People of Bangalore is more or people from other State? (1 votes)maha10 Mar 2011
Which standard of education is good and suitable for our children? (2 votes)maha10 Mar 2011
Is Budget 2011...worth for common Man(AAM AADMI) or is it a Burden??? (1 votes)Manju07 Mar 2011
What is the best option for working parents if they have Kids?? (1 votes)Manju05 Mar 2011
Which place/climate is best for summer vacation? (1 votes)maha05 Mar 2011
Guess who will bag out icc world cup 2011.. (2 votes)santhoshi02 Mar 2011
With which dress, our women feel convenient, comfortable and easy? (1 votes)maha24 Feb 2011

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